How To Make It In Hollywood Before You Make It [DVD]

In 1970, there was no Internet, cell phone, VCR, DVD player, or cable television. All of these things factor into the equation of making it in Hollywood today. Rather than listen to movie giants talk about how they made it thirty years ago, or what it’s like working with big movie stars, HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT is a portrait of 10 emerging artists on the frontlines of Hollywood, running the gamut from actors, writers, producers, dancers, singers and songwriters, all at different stages in their careers… “Just about to break out, maybe they just broke out, and hopefully they will break out.”

The cast includes Ken Cosby (Actor/ Writer / Comedian, nephew of Bill Cosby), Lance Moseley (Actor / Writer / Producer, former Co-Host of Playboy Channel’s highest rated show, “Naughty Amateur Home Videos”), David L. Watts (Writer / Producer, Screenwriter of the spec script which became the Disney release “Max Keeble’s Big Move”), Annie Lee (Actor / Producer, Star of the recent feature release “Close Call”), as well as, “Auggie”, Yolanda Cruz, Lisa Heile, Beverly Neufeld and Oxygen “O2”.

SPECIAL FEATURES on the DVD include: Bonus Footage, Cast Bios, 2 Cast Member Trailers, Crew Bios, 2 Cast Member Music Videos and Production Notes.

ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE on the VHS tape includes: Bonus Footage, 2 Cast Member Trailers, and 2 Cast Member Music Videos.

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