Kodak Play Sport Waterproof Camera Review Test Footage SEIKO Commercial

I’ll admit that I really wanted to like this camera. As an independent digital filmmaker, I had not yet had the opportunity to do an underwater shoot until I had the opportunity to review the Kodak PlaySport Zx3. I had to really wrestle with the grade on this one because the video camera is far from perfect, but also possessed…

Canon Vixia HF R10 Review Test Footage RC Plane

I’m hesitant about handing out an A+, but any nitpick issues I could find with the camcorder were not substantive enough for most users. The Canon HF R10 packs a mean punch. It literally has everything you could ask for in an HD camera just under $500. FULL REVIEW

Cisco Flip Mino HD Review Pocket Video Camera Camcorder Test Footage Unbox Amanda Dove Performance

The Cisco Flip Mino HD is a excellent camera for under $200. For those looking for an HD solution to carry with them on a daily basis, the Flip Mino is the perfect solution. With Flip designed and third-party accessories, there is little limitation to what you can do.

Music and performance courtesy of Amanda Dove.

Samsung SMX C20 Test Footage

In an age where standard definition (SD) television sets are no longer sold, and YouTube is streaming HD web videos, I was surprised to see that manufacturers are still manufacturing SD camcorders. In addition, HD format camcorders are also available at the Samsung SMX-C20 price point and below, albeit not necessarily with all the same features. However, if you do…

Sony HDR CX110 Test Footage

The Sony HDR CX110 offers Sonys Full HD 1080 moniker, along with stellar sound. Although it has HD resolution, the images are highly compressed, providing an acceptable image for the basic user, but leaves some to be desired with those with giant HDTVs with 1080p resolution. The point and shoot user will love this camcorder, but video enthusiasts might find…