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A Will To Win

I shot and edited this teaser trailer for “A Will To Win,” which is about the history of athletics and academics at Tennessee State University (TSU). It is a Co-Production between Shereitte C. Stokes, III and One Way Or Another Productions, LLC. Princeton Holt, whom I worked with on “10 Commandments of Chloe” is the director. I am attached as the Cinematographer for the documentary feature.

Ben Baudhuin-Edited Trailer to TIFF Film “MIDWAY”

Our good friend Ben Baudhuin (who brilliantly edited 10 Commandments of Chloe) recently edited the trailer to the documentary MIDWAY, which premieres at TIFF.

Renowned photo-based artist Chris Jordan’s feature debut focuses on the albatrosses who inhabit the remote Midway Atoll island, nesting amidst machinery abandoned after World War II.

For more info on the film make sure you visit its official website MidwayFilm.com

Check out more of Ben’s fantastic work at his official website

– Lena

How To Make It In Hollywood Before You Make It: The Documentary Screenplay [Paperback]

In 1970, there was no internet, cell phone, VCR, DVD player, or cable television. All of these things factor into the equation of making it in Hollywood today. A philosophy for life on the road to success, rather than a blueprint to painting by numbers, HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT is a portrait of 10 emerging artists on the front lines of Hollywood, running the gamut from actors, writers, producers, dancers, singers and songwriters, all at different stages in their careers.