How to Convert FCP Mac Files to a PC

Final Cut Pro (FCP) is one of the most popular nonlinear editing systems, especially on an Apple Macintosh computer. Although Final Cut Pro is capable of outputting content with many codecs and file formats, sometimes a third-party plug-in is required. The native file format for Final Cut Pro files is QuickTime (.MOV). If you are delivering content to a person who does not have QuickTime installed on his PC, a Windows Media Video file (.WMV) is always your first choice of file format, unless another file format is specified. Most exports must be done through QuickTime Pro, and QuickTime Pro requires a third-party plug-in to export .WMV files. For the purposes of this article, we will assume you are using the Flip4Mac WMV Studio plug-in, however, whatever plug-in you use, the methods for conversion are universal. Published on 1/23/2010

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