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Dr. Christopher C. Odom earned his PhD in Texts and Technology, Digital Media at the University of Central Florida; his MFA in Film and Television from the University of California, Los Angeles; and his BA in Film and Video Production from Georgia State University.

Throughout Dr. Odomโ€™s 30-year career in the entertainment industry, as a filmmaker, Dr. Odom has produced, directed, written, shot, and/or edited +500 short and longform creative projects. In addition, for over a decade as a Course Director at Full Sail University, Dr. Odom has supervised and developed an additional +500 student short scripts and films.

published author and domestic and international award-winning filmmaker and voiceover talent, Dr. Odomโ€™s work has appeared in major cities worldwide, including Cannes, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York, and Los Angeles. 

A former story analyst for Creative Artists Agency and a member of the Writers Guild of America Independent Writer’s Caucus, Dr. Odomโ€™s directing, producing, writing, cinematography, editing, and on-camera credits include feature films with international distribution through Entertainment One, promos and trailers for the nationally televised ITVS-produced PBS series Independent Lens, and aviation news stories for Airborne-Unlimited on the Aero-News Network. 

Dr. Odom recently finished his short documentary film โ€œJustice for George Floyd: The Tipping Point?โ€ about the visual imagery emerging on social media from the Justice for George Floyd Protests, as a social movement. He is currently in postproduction on the feature documentary version of the same film. 

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โ€œ23rd Psalm: Redemption,โ€ (Feature), Producer, Director, DP, Writer, Editor, Entertainment One, 2013.

โ€œ10 Commandments of Chloe,โ€ (Feature), Co-Producer, DP, One Way or Another Productions, 2013.

โ€œ23rd Psalm,โ€ (Feature), Producer, Director, DP, Writer, Editor, Vendetta Filmworks, 2013.


โ€œThe 5 Galaxies,โ€ (Trailer), Producer, Writer, Editor, Hewes Pictures, 2018.

Chopper,” (Trailer), Producer, Writer, Editor, NightOwl Productions, 2013.

โ€œYodok Stories,โ€ (Trailer), Producer, Writer, Editor, Kudos Family, Piriya Films, 2009.


โ€œA Will To Win,โ€ (Documentary), Director of Photography, Editor, One Way or Another Productions, 2013.


Homeless Youth Handbook,” (Interviews), Camera Operator, 90 Seconds Inc., 2018.


โ€œEmpower The Journey,โ€ (Promo), Producer, Writer, Editor, Voice Over Talent, Knowledge Academies, 2018.

โ€œFraport TV,โ€ (Promo), Producer, Writer, Editor, On-Camera Talent, EJO Ventures, 2018.


โ€œBig Trip To Japan,โ€ (Web Series), Producer, Writer, Editor, Host, DP, 2017 – Present.

โ€œBig Trip Abroad,โ€ (Web Series), Producer, Writer, Editor, Host, DP, 2018 – Present.

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โ€œGold-IRA-Plan,โ€ (Web Series), Producer, Writer, Editor, Host, DP, Gold-IRA-Plan, 2016.

โ€œAirborne Unlimited,โ€ (Web Series), Producer, Host, Camera Operator, Editor, Aero-News Network, 2015 – 2017.


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