Yours or Mine – Extensions of the Body – Participatory Art 🎭

For Creative Project Three: Extensions of the Body, I focused upon the theme of internal and external influences. We are continually influenced by the words thoughts and emotions of others. We continually strive to thrive, coexist and survive in this Rat Race known, as the Human Experience. However, we sometimes act and react to the words, thoughts and emotions of others instead of our own. To address this theme, I created a participatory, interactive performance piece.


The style of interaction for the performance piece is physical for me as the artist and both interactive and experiential for the audience. It is composed of Four possible physical activities that I will perform in response to a word that an audience member will read from a card when I ring a bell. 


The character of the activity by the group and myself is experience-oriented. Physicality, sound and visual dynamics will be key. 


Each of the Four activities that I may perform reflect the ideas, beliefs and critiques that others or myself may impose upon me. The audience will work together as a group to determine the rules for who reads and which words get read.


In the context of the performance piece, I am the product. I will react to the words read by the audience. The performance will last for approximately Four minutes and will be accompanied by an actual kitchen timer. Nothing beats the high-stakes dramatic tension of a ticking clock.


Upon the conclusion of the performance, I will reveal a small mirror to the audience with the word, β€œTruth” taped to the back of it. After the audience sees it, I will flip the mirror over to show the audience their own reflection.

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