The 23rd Psalm’s Christopher C. Odom Speaks At OBS

The 23rd Psalm’s Christopher C. Odom Speaks At OBS

Los Angeles (06/02/2007) – Director/Writer, Christopher C. Odom, of the hit independent feature “The 23rd Psalm” addressed a group of diverse writers at the Organization of Black Screenwriters (OBS) on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Odom stressed, that there’s a difference between being “at Hollywood” and being “in Hollywood”. “The 23rd Psalm” was a movie made “at Hollywood”, and in 2007, a writer, director, producer or actor doesn’t have to be “in Hollywood” in order to tell a story or reach the audience/consumer.

Christopher’s 2004 documentary feature, “How To Make It In Hollywood Before You Make It”, is still selling units online through services like, which prints DVDs-On-Demand, and Amazon Unbox, which sells movies as digital downloads. Although “How To Make It In Hollywood Before You Make It” has not sold as many DVDs as $200 million pictures, it continues to sell more units each year than the previous year as technology expands and the delivery paradigms shift – a feat that most $200 mil pictures cannot claim.

“The 23rd Psalm” screens next during the Hollywood Black Film Festival on June 10th at 3:00 pm at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, California. For more information, and to stay up to date with the latest news about the film, visit the film’s official website at

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