DME-TV Inks Deal With Akimbo

“At first there was broadcast television.  And then there was cable television.  Then soon came satellite television.  Now, there’s Internet Televisiondme-tv : Digital Media Entertainment Television.  Entertainment for Today and Tomorrow; not yesterday.”

Slated to launch November 1st, 2005, Digital Media Entertainment Television (“dme-tv”) is an Entertainment Internet Television Network that showcases new-world programming for GenXYZ.

At last, bringing the United States into focus with the advances that Japan and Korea have long since ebbed on our technological infrastructure, dme-tv is that technological answer that speaks to American ingenuity.

dme-tv’s principals, Christopher C. Odom, Cornelius Booker III and Edward J. Odom IV, have experience in operations, development, and production.

Christopher is a member of the Writers Guild of America, west (WGA), and holds his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Film, Television & Digital Media from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  His feature documentary HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT is currently being distributed by Tapeworm Video Distributors.

Cornelius did his undergraduate study at the University of Kentucky.  Cornelius’ development and production background runs-the-gamut from working with the David Letterman, Dick Wolf, Spike Lee, Dolly Hall and their productions.  He produced the feature film MAGGIE & ANNIE, which is currently in international and domestic release through Ariztical Entertainment Group.

Edward was a pioneer radio personality and the Co-Executive Producer of HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT.  He also possesses over 12 years experience in operations management including “P and L” accountability, sales revenue, and marketing strategies for Fortune 1000 businesses.

dme-tv develops, produces and distributes cost-efficient lifestyle and entertainment programming, running-the-gamut from niche market and alternative, unscripted, reality, magazine, scripted, sports and music internet television series.  Over the next 24 months, DME-TV plans to develop, produce, and distribute a total of 16 sponsor supported Internet Television Series.

dme-tv current programming


“MovieTalk”, Promo

It’s the EBERT & ROEPER of Independent Cinema DVD releases. In the true visionary spirit of Independent Film, MovieTalk is a 30-minute, ongoing, weekly movie review show that focuses primarily on titles that go Direct-To-DVD (primarily meaning it still allows for the gems of the major studio art house labels to still be included).  However, instead of solely reviewing the value of each feature presentation, MovieTalk reviews the value of the DVD as a whole – feature presentation, chapters, menus, special features and bonus footage.

ume: underground music entertainment

“Underground Music Entertainment”, Promo

UME is an independent music video show.  The purpose of the show is to expose audiences to the wealth underground music videos and unsigned or emerging artists who MTV won’t show because it’s not corporate rock, and radio stations won’t play because they aren’t on a label.  The show serves as a direct link between the artists and the consumers and vehicle for record labels to explore new talent. 

cinema classics

Cinema Classics is a movie series that screens classic Films.

dme-tv development slate

entertainment shows

On Location is a half-hour entertainment news magazine series which goes on location and behind the scenes of independent film and television productions.

Pilot Season is a 60 minute TV series that showcases independent television pilots for shows that could be picked up by dme-tv or another network.

DVD Critic is a half-hour series, which reviews current and classic Film & Television DVD releases from major studios.

DME Standup is a half-hour series that showcases underground standup comics.

DME Poets is a half-hour series that showcases underground spoken word artists.

business, politics and social issues shows

Pop Culture is a 30-minute roundtable discussion with 3-5 personalities with an occasional guest personality about all the latest trends, issues and gossip.

Wigger is a 30-minute series that goes behind the scenes of the lifestyle and the culture of the modern day wigger.

Politically Conscious is a half-hour talk show which focuses upon the major social, economic and political issues of our cities of today and tomorrow.

Mocha Mornings – Set in a metropolitan café, MOCHA MORNINGS is a morning talk show, with a mix of three Mocha Morning Hosts, addressing the niche interests of the upwardly mobile African-American.

BE: Black Entrepreneurs – A talk show investigating the world of Black Entrepreneurs – the people, the strategies, the future.

music shows

Chicks That Rock is a half-hour show that gets up close and personal with female musicians who rock.

Garage Rock Stars is a half-hour show that showcases in their own element – the garage.

new age, metaphysical & healthy living shows

Yoga is a 30 minute Yoga workout for all levels and all ages.

Mind Expansion is a 30 minute talk show focusing on New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical subject matter.

sports shows

Urban Gladiators – Set in an everyman environment, like a bar or barbershop, two to three average Joe’s get to come on each week with a regular host and loosely spout their take on the latest happenings in sports and pop culture.


Underground Movie Night – Independent Films, which have never had, or only had a limited cable run, will be shown showcased during a regularly scheduled movie time.

Underground Shorts Showcase – Independent Films, which have never had, or only had a limited cable run, will be showcased during a regularly scheduled movie time.

dme-tv utilizes the Akimbo Video On Demand service to deliver programming to its viewers.  Akimbo is a subscriber-based VOD system that allows the end-user to access video programming via a broadband connection, download it to a hard drive, and view it on a television set.  The Akimbo system is available through the Akimbo Player set-top box, the new Microsoft Media Center, and soon, through various other hardware devices.  The Akimbo set-top box is currently available for sale at and and will be available for sale through national retailers over the next year.

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