Student Testimonials for Christopher C. Odom

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“Professor Odom is an outstanding teacher, mentor and is always there to help in times of confusion and turmoil with an assignment whether it is online or by phone. Thank you Professor Odom it has been a pleasure and a honer to be one of your students. I have learned a lot in your class.” — Thomas Halek, Full Sail University

Thomas Halek – PROPS Recognition


“Mr. Odom really aided in making my log lines better to gain the attention of a potential buyer. Thanks a bunch!”Vatisha King, Full Sail University

Vatisha King – PROPS Recognition


“Professor Odom offered me help through some struggling times. I was adjusting to an academic program that allowed creative freedom. He helped me make that adjustment easier. He was encouraging and helpful. His guidance helped me write an amazing short script that earned me a 100. I appreciate all of his help.”Shannon Harris, Full Sail University

Shannon Harris – PROPS Recognition


“To be instructed by a professor that has recently had a film that was nationally released is pretty cool. Prop worthy.”Miguel Butler, Full Sail University

Miguel Butler – PROPS Recognition


“Mr. Odom is a great teacher. He is able to convey the information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. I felt like I could ask questions when I needed something clarified. Mr. Odom was available to answer questions when I had them, and remained understanding when consulted. I enjoyed this class and am excited to build upon the knowledge that I gained in this class. Thanks, Mr. Odom!”Marina Miller, Full Sail University

Marina Miller – PROPS Recognition


“There was a large amount of information that we had to learn during this past 4 week class. Chris made it easy to understand and was always available for extra assistance.”Jean Chanslor, Full Sail University

Jean Chanslor – PROPS Recognition


“Taking his class, I was a little nervous because I had never written a script before. Now that I have and have gotten feedback from Christopher Odom, I am more confident now. He was very honest in what I needed to change, but he said it in such a positive way that he made it alright for me not to know everything about scripting. I definitely feel better about my writing and I plan to do it even more now. I am addicted to writing scripts! He has made me want to submit my writing.”Crystal Thompson, Full Sail University

Crystal Thompson – PROPS Recognition


“I was fortunate to have Chris as my teacher twice. I was in the infancy of my CWMFA Program and I was struggling to transition from being a novelist to an emerging screenwriter. My extreme challenge at that time was writing a logline, I could not get it right. As simple as the formula is, nothing I wrote made it correct, first I called Chris and we discussed several issues at hand and he spent the time needed to get me through my fears and phobias, then I emailed Chris about the logline situation and he broke it down to me step-by-step in the most simplistic form I think possible to exist and I “finally” got it! This memory will last a lifetime for me.”Belle Angel, Full Sail University

Belle Angel – PROPS Recognition


“I cannot choose enough positive adjectives to express how much I enjoyed Instructor Odom. He was very professional and kind. He is a leader that loves his job, and that is evident through action. He was always very clear in the communication department. Lastly, he was always consistent. I felt very comfortable about going to him and asking questions—and that’s what’s important. He was a true delight! Thank you Instructor Odom!”Abraham Clark, Full Sail University

Abraham Clark – PROPS Recognition


“It has been a great learning experience!”Anonymous, Full Sail University

Anonymous June 2013 A – PROPS Recognition


“Christopher Helped me to see the potential of Full Sails online course interactivity. I felt part of the community for the first time during his course.” — Anonymous, Full Sail University

Anonymous June 2013 B – PROPS Recognition


“Professor Odom has excelled in giving his time and support to his students. He has made himself available above and beyond that needed for class and is very positive and supportive of our work.” — Anonymous, Full Sail University

Anonymous June 2013 C – PROPS Recognition


“Course was bursting with information and provided some great examples and media to make the learning process more streamlined and succinct.” — Anonymous, Full Sail University

Anonymous June 2013 D – PROPS Recognition


“Mr. Odom helped my writing evolve in just 3 weeks time. When I began the course, I felt overwhelmed but the assignments, his comments and notes helped my script become better than I expected. Thanks Mr. Odom for a job well done.” — Anonymous, Full Sail University

Anonymous June 2013 E – PROPS Recognition

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