Michael Tabb Letter of Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

              “Mr. Odom is one of the most positive thinkers I know today and always advises from a place of integrity, fearlessness, and intelligence. He keeps policies, creates formulas for success, and never gets caught up in ego, personal politics, nor takes sides.” — Michael Tabb ( Michael Tabb Letter of Recommendation

Cornelius Booker III Letter of Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

              “I believe Christopher is qualified candidate because his intellectual prowess has been the beacon of his success. He brings a positive attitude and a friendly face to any work environment.” — Cornelius Booker III ( Cornelius Booker Letter of Recommendation

Timothy Watkins Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

I am in the tenth year of my presidency at WLCAC. Having been around the organization since I was a child of 12 years (when my father founded it) I’ve seen every manner of people come and go….some not so good, but for the most part, folks that have worked at WLCAC have been overwhelmingly good. Chris Odom is a person that belongs to that latter half.

Robert Klinger Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

I’ve known Chris Odom on a personal and professionalbasis for over ten years. In that time, he has consistently managed to impress me. As a writer and director and I’ve had the pleasure to work with him fairly often and the results are always positive. His experience in independent production has made him exceptionally valuable because he’s had to master so many areas. When he shares his knowledge and skills is when he shines brightest.

Charles Alleyne Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Christopher Odom as a candidate for a teaching position. I have worked as an independent filmmaker for over fifteen years and have taught filmmaking in various schools. I have known Chris for over five years during which time I‘ve had the opportunity to work with him on three film projects. He has demonstrated the competence and professionalism needed to be an excellent filmmaker.