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Cisco Flip Mino HD Review Pocket Video Camera Camcorder Test Footage Unbox Amanda Dove Performance

The Cisco Flip Mino HD is a excellent camera for under $200. For those looking for an HD solution to carry with them on a daily basis, the Flip Mino is the perfect solution. With Flip designed and third-party accessories, there is little limitation to what you can do.


Music and performance courtesy of Amanda Dove.


Robert Davenport Tribute Producer Writer Author

Robert Davenport was a classmate of mine at UCLA in Film School. He was an accomplished Screenwriter, Producer, Author, Veteran and much, much, more. On July 2, 2010 while practicing takeoffs and landings in a small Cessna, Robert Davenport died in a place crash when the engine failed. http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-santa-monica-plane-crash,0,5456008.story Some of Robert’s screenplays have won more awards than I have…