The Hill: An Urban Political Thriller Screenplay [Paperback]

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A well-meaning freshman becomes involved with campus politics to make a difference. Now in too deep, the difference he makes is not intended. — “Does the end justify the means?” THE HILL is a highly stylized transmogrification of the western storytelling paradigm. Think MEMENTO or USUAL SUSPECTS. It’s a story about power – gaining it and losing it. Meet Adam. He’s all that’s American – Baseball, Crackerjacks, and Apple Pie. Today is his first day as a freshman at Hillfield University. It’s “Freshmen Week”. Now introduce Evers. He’s a Progressive, political, portly upperclassman who is far too nice to completely trust. Adam believes that Evers will introduce him to the world of campus politics; a world where Adam will learn to “do good” and serve society. But Evers knows differently. Soon Adam and Evers will ascend to the miry throngs of power, corruption, and greed – letting nothing stand in their way.


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