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Knowledgeable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), social justice and social change, digital activism, visual and multimedia culture and rhetoric advocate, activist, and MFA, PhD researcher. Multi-award-winning domestic and international feature filmmaker, creative visual communicator, and storyteller. Experienced writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, digital filmmaker, social media marketing influencer, and original content creator. Versatile communications, public relations, marketing, sales, and advertising brand strategist. Seasoned short-form and long-form audio, video, web, and multimedia projects, budgets, and schedules manager, supervisor, interpersonal communications problem-solver, and team leader. Passionate changemaker Jedi, digital survivalist, technology evangelist, global spokesperson, motivational speaker, presenter, lecturer, instructor, and voiceover talent.


Audio Engineering, Audio Production, B2B, Basic Programming, Budgeting, Content Creation, Curriculum Design, Education, Electronic Literature, General Aviation, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Managing and Supervising Teams, Narrative, On-Air Talent, Public Speaking, Scheduling, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Influencer Marketing and Branding, Social Justice and Social Change, Software as a Service (SaaS), Storytelling, Teaching and Training, Video Editing, Video Production, Voiceovers, Web Design, World Building

  • Audiovisual Software: Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard; Adobe Acrobat, After Effects, Audition, Encoder, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush; Apple Final Cut Pro, GarageBand, iMovie; iZotope RX-9 Standard; Movie Magic Scheduling, Budgeting, Screenwriter; Final Draft; ScreenFlow; SmartSound SonicFire Pro; Waves CLA Mixdown, DeEsser, Doppler, Vocal Production

  • Programming Languages, Platforms, and Software: Atom, CSS, GitHub, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Markdown, MySQL, p5.js, Python, Visual Studio Code

  • Project Management: Asana, Ganttpro, Microsoft Project, Monday, TeamGantt, Wrike


  • As generative artistic scholarship, my “Still I Rise: Remix” JavaScript interactive poetry was installed as part of the Electronic Literature Organization’s “Platforming Utopias (and Platformed Dystopias)” Exhibition

  • My article, “The Narrative of the Image” was published by the Association for Computing Machinery in the Proceedings of the 31st ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media

  • As a filmmaker, my films have won 18 domestic and international film festival awards

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