Interview with 23rd Psalm: Redemption Producer, Director, Writer Christopher C. Odom

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(Loma Linda, CA) “23rd Psalm: Redemption” Producer, Director, Writer Christopher C. Odom was interviewed on KCAA 1050 AM Radio’s “The Kathleen Wells Show”, today in California.

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Christopher discussed topics ranging from how the 23rd Psalm: Redemption became a movie to the announcement of the next Odom-Booker Entertainment feature film project: “1 Gooey Duck”.

“1 Gooey Duck”, which will be penned, produced, and directed by the Odom-Booker duo (Christopher C. Odom and Cornelius Booker III), is a gritty action crime thriller, being touted as a martial arts “Reservoir Dogs” of sorts.

1 Gooey Duck


While returning from Mexico, when a determined, terminally ill wife and her husband are kidnapped by drug smugglers, who secretly stash heroine in the couple’s belongings, the couple must first overcome a resourceful, unhinged drug lord, to stay alive by convincing the drug lord that they do not have or know the whereabouts of the drug lord’s stash. “I dropped my violin to wipe the tear from my eye. – Mr. Tan”


Odom-Booker Entertainment is an international and domestic multi-award-winning, independent feature film production company, whose work has been screened in cities worldwide, including Tel Aviv, Berlin, Cannes, Los Angeles and New York. Odom-Booker’s feature film, “23rd Psalm”, won several awards, including best picture wins in Berlin and San Diego.

Odom-Booker Entertainment most recently co-produced the indie picture “10 Commandments of Chloe”, which has won 8 awards on the festival circuit to date, and the independent thriller “23rd Psalm: Redemption”, currently in national release through Entertainment One, which features Tatyani Ali (Ashley from Academy Award Nominee Will Smith’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”), Clifton Powell (Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx’s sidekick in “Ray”), Leslie Mills (Emmy Nominated Songwriter), and Jason Burkey (Male Lead “October Baby”).

Together, the Odom-Booker team members have held key roles in 7 feature length productions and worked with Beau Bridges, Tatyani Ali, Jamie Babbit, Clifton Powell, Dolly Hall, Glenn Plummer, Rosanna Arquette, Jason Burkey, and Leslie Mills.