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Top 5 Diversity Screenwriting Contests

Based upon my experiences earning my Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from UCLA, participating in the Writers Guild of America, west’s Independent Screenwriters Caucus, and working in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, I have compiled this list of the top 5 most significant diversity screenwriting contests, programs and fellowships. Actually, my list contains 6,…

Top 10 Film Festivals

This list of the Top 10 Festivals is based upon the festivals ability to discover emerging talent and provide them with national and/or international media attention. In addition, many of these festivals also function as unofficial film markets, enabling filmmakers to find distribution for their films. FULL ARTICLE

Top 5 Film Schools And What Sets Them Apart

Having gone to film school three times and being a member of a family where education was held in the highest esteem, obviously I am a fan of becoming film educated. However, I do stress becoming “educated”. School is not the only way to become educated, and in certain situations, there is no official school to learn critical information. Never…

Top 10 Most Popular TV Sitcom Ideas

Have you ever had that deja vu feeling of “I’ve seen that before,” while watching your favorite television show? That’s because you probably have seen that before. Most sitcoms (a.k.a. situation comedies) are all variations of 10 basic plots. FULL ARTICLE