Yours or Mine – Extensions of the Body 🧘

For Creative Project Three: Extensions of the Body, I focused upon the theme of internal and external influences. We are continually influenced by the words thoughts and emotions of others. We continually strive to thrive, coexist and survive in this Rat Race known, as the Human Experience. However, we sometimes act and react to the words, thoughts and emotions of others instead of our own. To address this theme, I created a participatory, interactive performance piece.

PhD Student, UCF 🎓 Digital Media – Christopher C. Odom

Christopher C. Odom is a Ph.D. student in the Texts & Technology (T&T), Digital Media Doctoral Program at the University of Central Florida (UCF). His research and teaching interests include: Audiovisual Rhetoric, Digital Media, Digital Storytelling, Social Justice, Social Media, and Visual Culture.

Christopher serves as a Course Director in the Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts Program at Full Sail University. He teaches graduate students screenwriting, video production, website production, and social media personal branding.

A published author and graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Program in Film, Television and Digital Media, Christopher C. Odom is a domestic and international award-winning filmmaker and voice over talent whose work has appeared in major cities worldwide including Cannes, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles.

Quantum Multiverse Theory Explained – Simply 📱 🔭 🌌

Quantum Multiverse Theory Explained – Simply 📱 🔭 🌌 . For Creative Project 2, “Chance Operations,” in my History and Theory of Dynamic Media course for my project entitled, “1-2-1,” I decided to create a Participatory Art Illustration of Quantum Mechanics Multiverse Theory. Simply put, “Quantum Mechanics Multiverse Theory” tells us that at the subatomic level, whenever a quantum particle changes its state, all…

Synchronicity – A Fluxus Score

“Synchronicity” A Fluxus Score by Christopher C. Odom Perform with a Timekeeper plus 2 to 7 additional Participants. Requires a timer and a blank TV screen or monitor. Perform score for 3 minutes and 14 seconds. BEGIN SCORE. Timekeeper Say, “Synchronicity.” Start timer. Say, “0 minutes.” At 2 minutes, say, “2 Minutes.” At 3 minutes and 4 seconds, say, “Synchronicity.”…